Brief History of The Dist.GLG

The District Grand Lodge of Ghana, English Constitution, traces its origin to 9th May, 1931, when the District Grand Lodge of Gold Coast was inaugurated by RW Bro. Dr. George Munn Gray, MD, FRCS, then the R.W. District Grand Master for Nigeria.  He installed W. Bro. Daniel James Oman, OBE, VD, a Past Master of Accra Lodge No. 3063, as its first District Grand Master to preside over the following initial ten Lodges:

Gold Coast Lodge No. 773 consecrated in Cape Coast in 1859
Victoria Lodge No. 2392 consecrated in Accra in 1891
Accra Lodge No. 3063 consecrated in Accra in 1905
Sekondi Lodge No. 3238 consecrated in Sekondi in 1908
Taquah Lodge No. 3356 consecrated in Tarkwa in 1909
Ashanti Lodge No. 3717 consecrated in Kumasi in 1914
St. George’s (Seccondee) Lodge No. 3851 consecrated in Sekondi in 1918
McCarthy Lodge No. 4132 consecrated in Kumasi in 1921
Harmonic Lodge No. 4190 consecrated in Accra in 1922 and
Three Pillars Lodge No. 4867 consecrated in Accra in 1926.
Earlier records on Freemasonry in the Gold Coast (now Ghana) , indicate that a  W. Bro. David Creigton, M.D., was commissioned Provincial Grand Master for Cape Coast in 1736[1], but no mention is made of the Lodge(s) he was to oversee.  The earliest recorded Lodge, it appears, was the Torridzonian No. 621 at the Cape Coast Castle, constituted in 1810.  This Lodge and another Lodge No. 599 in Cape Coast, then the capital city of the Gold Coast colony, were erased on 5th March 1862, due, doubtlessly, to inactivity over a long period.  Gold Coast Lodge No. 1075 was also constituted in Cape Coast. in 1859,  but following a general  renumbering of Lodges in 1863, it was changed to No. 773.  The Lodge is still on the roll of the United Grand Lodge of England as such, and is widely regarded as the premier Lodge of the District of Ghana.

The rapid succession of Lodges, particularly those that constituted the infant District, the relocation of the capital of the Colony from Cape Coast to Accra in 1877, and the subsequent spread of Lodges across the country, fuelled the gradual but consistent growth of the District Grand Lodge of Ghana EC.

The District, as at today, has 58 Lodges and 27 Royal Arch Chapters under its administration.  Their development and growth, the rulers and leaders over the years, notable events, and the current outlook of the District are as follows:

The second Lodge to be consecrated in the District was Victoria Lodge No. 2392, by W.Bro. W. F. Lapham, the Consecrating Officer, on 2nd December 1891.  W. Bro. J. Herbert Cheetham, a Past Master of Gold Coast Lodge No. 773 was its first Master.

The third Lodge, Accra Lodge No. 3063, was consecrated on 2nd March 1905, fourteen years after Victoria Lodge No. 2392 and forty- six years after Gold Coast Lodge No. 773.  Thereafter, six other Lodges followed more rapidly, and by 1925 a total of nine Lodges, had been consecrated in various parts of the country.  These Lodges then petitioned Grand Lodge to constitute them into a District.

As a first step, Grand Lodge appointed W. Bro. Ernest Davidson as Grand Inspector for the Gold Coast.  His recommendations for the constitution of the District were accepted.  On 9th May, 1931, therefore, the District Grand Lodge of Gold Coast was duly inaugurated, and W. Bro. Daniel James Oman, Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Recipient of the Volunteer Decoration, Director of Education, Member of the Legislative Council of the Gold Coast, Holder of Overseas Grand Rank, and an initiate of Victoria Lodge No. 2392, was installed as the first District Grand Master.   He held the office for three years, but had to return to the United Kingdom after his retirement as Director of Education in 1934.   No new Lodge was constituted nor consecrated during his administration.

R.W. Bro. Major Guy Thornhill Kingsford, an initiate of Caius Lodge No. 3355 in London and a Past Master of Sekondi Lodge No. 3238, succeeded R.W. Bro. D. J. Oman in 1935.  He served for 10 years, but had to return to the United Kingdom for medical attention in 1945, and did not return to continue in office.

W. Bro. William Galloway took over temporarily as Deputy District Grand Master in Charge.  Unfortunately his health also broke down and had to retire to the United Kingdom, leaving the District in the charge of W. Bro. Charles .W. Tachie-Menson, PAGSt.B, District Senior Grand Warden, who steered the affairs of the District until the appointment of W. Bro. Major Charles Owen Butler, a Past Master of Three Pillars Lodge No. 4867 and Ashanti Lodge No. 3717as District Grand Master in 1946.  He was installed the following year by W. Bro. Charles .W. Tachie-Menson, then PAGStB, on the directives of Grand Lodge.

RW Bro. Maj. C. Owen Butler had the distinction of being the first District Grand Master to consecrate a Lodge, Travellers Lodge No. 6758, in February 1949.  Unfortunately three years after his installation it became necessary for him to retire from the Gold Coast; but arrangements were made for him to install his successor a few days before his departure.

RW Bro. Sir Charles William Tachie-Menson, KBE, the fourth District Grand Master, and first African to hold the position, was installed on 26th August, 1950 by his predecessor, R. W. Major Sir C. Owen Butler at an Especial Communication of District Grand Lodge in Kumasi.  He held the office for 12 years (1950-1962) during which he consecrated sixteen new Lodges, the first being Amity Lodge No. 7140 in January 1952, and the sixteenth, Mfantsiman Lodge No. 7863 in December 1962.


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