The District of Ghana has, in addition to the 58 Lodges, a total of 27 Royal Arch Chapters.
Sekondi Lodge No. 3238 was the first to have a Royal Arch Chapter consecrated in August 1924.  Accra Royal Arch Chapter No. 3063 and Gold Coast Royal Arch Chapter No. 773 were consecrated in November 1925.  Other Chapters followed, increasing to eight (8) in number by 1934, when E.Comp. Maj. Gen. Thornhill Kingsford, PAGSoj was appointed Grand Inspector in and over Gold Coast Chapters.  He was succeeded by E.Comp. C.W. Tachie-Menson in 1946, who was by then the Deputy District Grand Master, because RW Bro. Major Owen Butler, the newly installed District Grand Master, was not a Past First Principal.
In 1949, the nine Chapters then in existence were constituted into a District Grand Chapter, and E.Comp. Charles Tachie-Menson was appointed the first Grand Superintendent, a position he held until 1962.  The nine founding Chapters of the District were:

Sekondi Chapter No. 3238 in Sekondi consecrated on 21st August, 1924
Accra Chapter No. 3063 in Accra consecrated on 19th November, 1925
Gold Coast Chapter No. 773 in Cape Coast consecrated 28th November, 1925
Ashanti Chapter No. 3717 in Kumasi consecrated 27th April, 1927
Victoria Chapter No. 2392 in Accra consecrated on 16th February, 1928
McCarthy Chapter No. 4132 in Kumasi consecrated on 1st December, 1930
St. George’s Chapter No. 3851 in Sekondi consecrated on 15th May, 1934
Taquah Chapter No. 3356 in Tarkwa consecrated on 15th July, 1943
Harmonic Chapter No. 4190 in Accra consecrated on 5th March, 1949.

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